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Sun & Chan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. (the "Sun & Chan") was registered and established in May 2016 to provide domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive legal services in the field of intellectual property including patents (invention patents, utility models, design), trademarks, copyright and anti-unfair competition. Sun & Chan's technical fields include machinery, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, metallurgy, electronics, communication, semiconductors, computer software and hardware, networks, etc.

The professional team of Sun & Chan is composed of professionals with rich experience in intellectual property legal services. These people have solid technical background, deep legal knowledge and excellent foreign language ability. The partners of Sun & Chan are senior patent attorneys and / or trademark attorneys in the field of intellectual property in China. Before joining Sun & Chan, they all have been practicing in famous domestic and foreign intellectual property firms for a long period, and had the experience of studying and working in domestic and foreign firms, companies and law schools. Sun & Chan has cooperative law firms in more than 80 countries and regions around the world to ensure that clients' operations and rights acquisition proceed smoothly and in a professional manner.

>· Focus on professional

In all fields of intellectual property, Sun & Chan has expert talents. According to the specific requirements of the client and the nature of the entrusted business, Sun & Chan will have a most suitable partner in charge of the client's business, assisted by other professionals who are best at the field. The partner will be responsible for mobilizing internal resources to meet all the needs of the client. If necessary, the partner will coordinate to form a team composed of several partners and professionals Special groups deal with the business of clients.

>· Quick response

After receiving the client's entrustment, act according to the instructions as soon as possible and report the progress of the client's case at any time. Sun & Chan will report any feedback related to the client's entrusted business to the client within two working days after receiving the message, together with the analysis opinions of the agent in charge. If the matter is complicated and the report cannot be completed within two working days, Sun & Chan will inform the clients in advance of the specific time for submission of the report.

>· Rigorous work

Advanced quality management system is the cornerstone of Sun & Chan to provide efficient and high-quality service for clients. In order to ensure the quality of handling cases, Sun & Chan implements the quality assurance system of dual core or even triple core. In time management, Sun & Chan uses advanced computer management and manual record verification. In order to continuously improve service quality, Sun & Chan holds internal business training and experience summary and exchange meeting once a week.

>· Active mining

Sun & Chan not only accepts clients' instructions to provide services, but also takes the initiative to provide services in the interests of clients. Sun & Chan establishes management files for each customer and keeps them informed of the progress of entrusted affairs. Sun & Chan also pays close attention to the innovation of intellectual property laws and practices at home and abroad. If it has an impact on the interests of clients, Sun & Chan will inform clients in time and put forward professional suggestions.

Since the establishment of Sun & Chan, all staff have been diligent, dedicated and sincere in cooperation, providing clients with honest, efficient and high-quality services, acting for some complex application cases and patent disputes. Sun & Chan’s business has developed rapidly, and Sun & Chan has also established a good reputation in the industry.

All employees of Sun & Chan are adhering to the motto of "Sophisticated", "Focus", "Hope" and "Extension", and are committed to providing more enterprises with ever higher quality intellectual property legal services.




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Sun & Chan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. is committed to helping domestic and foreign enterprises deal with trademarks, patents, copyrights, intellectual property strategy and management, and other relevant legal matters